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“Ink Bar is a statement we are creating - a statement which originated from a conversation that was once casual. We are artistic and inventive. Come, get some Ink!” 
-Vidisha Banka, Founder

“A common goal and an intertwined passion for design gave rise to Ink Bar. We believe in quality and meticulous work. Ink on and make your mark!”
-Shreya Chitlangia, Co-founder

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    Brand Identity

    A brand is intangible and yet it has a dual identity - first is what you perceive of it, and second is what others see. Trust us to create the right connect for you.
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    They say “Big things come in small packages”. We say, great things come in great packages. From creating to printing, we do it all.
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    Marketing Collaterals

    Brochures? Flyers? Social Media?
    We have all the answers. You just need to keep the list ready!
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    There are invitations. And then, there are invitations. Add some ink to them, and watch them make an impact.

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Brand Identity
Packaging + Marketing Collaterals

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